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    little problem


      well, i yet have another problem with my game this time its not as  easy as it looks anyway haha i thought oh it would work fine straight  away but it doesnt anyway the variable noturn  changes every so often and if it == p in the for loop then i want it so  that it misses wayfunc();

      it does work, it doesnt go to wayfunc any more when noturn == p but then  when it should continue so that it should now go to wayfunc when noturn  doesnt == p then it doesnt go to wayfunc :/ i cant explain very well  (N) i hope someone out there understands what im trying to say thanks  guys



      for(p=1; p<=36; p++) {
      btntrue =false;
      if(noturn == p) {
      btntrue = true;

      this["sq"+p].xn = p;
      this["sq"+p].onPress = function() {
      xn = this.xn;
      if(!btntrue) {