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    unable to create connections

      We have a problem with a client where they have multiple sites under a single FTP username and on a single IP and when they try and create a connection to a different site they get an error stating "this URL is already by used by connection XYZ. Please enter another address". We tried creating the connections with completely different FTP servernames, etc... and only having the FTP username and password be the same. The silly thing is, it never even let's you get to the "selection" screen. It just bombs out right after entering the URL. So, we split them all off to seperate FTP accounts and had them delete all their connections. This didn't help either. We are unable to add the same sites as well even though we have a lot of other sites on the same server (same IP), just with different FTP account information. What's going on?

      I have replicated this with Contribute 3.11 on OS X and on Windows XP.