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    Improving sound quality/volume of video


      I've recorded some video from a church service, but the audio quality is fairly poor.  It would be nice to figure out a way to turn it "up" so you can hear it without cranking your speakers all the way up and blowing them out when you switch projects.


      Is there a way to tinker with sound quality? All the features I've found involve adding audio... not altering any embedded audio.

      Quick help is greatly appreciated. I'd like to have this video ready to ship tonight.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          A couple of the most powerful audio features I discuss in my book is Normalizing and Audio Gain control.


          To access them, right-click on an audio clip on your timeline and select Audio Gain.


          You don't say which version of the program you're using but, in every version except version 8, clicking the Normalize button will automatically raise the audio gain for the clip so it sound fuller and louder. In version 8, this feature isn't turned on, so you have to type in a gain number manually.


          When you close this option box, you'll see that the audio waveform for the clip is much fuller. It should go "wall to wall" without being so loud that it overmodulates and distorts. You can try a couple of Audio Gain settings until it looks about right. (Even better if you open the Audio Mixer, under the Window drop-down menu, and watch the levels. They should be full but not in the red.)


          Lots more tips like that in my books, available on Amazon.com and at the Muvipix store!

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            ClockworkDragon Level 1

            What would be a good number to enter manually? A rough approximation, since I know you can't tell me exactly. What would be a good place to start to play with it?


            Edit: I've played with it, and figured it out. Beautiful. Thank you SO much, Steve!