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    Site refreshed from dynamic data.

    MikeH883 Level 1
      I have a site stubb out that has multiple accordian canvases each containing a tree. In my header area I have a combo box that give you a list of clients. When you select a new client, I want to reload all the trees in each accordian cavas with that clients data.

      I have played around and am able to do this setting a click event on buttons that will call the send method on my HTTPService object, and it appears to work, but I dont have a lot of control over the data, and my implementation is pretty "clunky".... I am looking for high level suggestions as to a best practice to dynamically load data via http calls and refresh page data.

      I am not very well versed in Actionscript, but am wondering if I should be building a majority of the site through actionscript objects instead of mxml. This will be a much bigger learning curve for me, but I am assuming it will give me a much more flexible site.

      Please let me know if you have any comments or resources that describe what I am trying to do... Thanks, Mike
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          batmitra Level 1
          Working with flex involves learning at least 2 languages, the flex language both mxml and actionscript and usint it in a combination, but to have a dynamic site you also need to know a backend language like C# or VB.NEt, PHP , also is useful to know a little about Databases, because if you want a dynamic site it will involve data for sure and where do youget data from? A database. You will build much of your site in actionscript that is a certain, because mxml is very good but itself is not sufficent to do everything you want.
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            MikeH883 Level 1
            Thanks for the info. I do have PHP, MySql, and Java experience. I think at this point I can acheive what I need through the use of states. Setting each state to contain my client specific dataProviders to drive my trees. But.... I am not sure how scalable this option is, and if there is a better way to do it through Actionscript.