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    Color shift when transferring from one computer to another

    rtprtp Level 1

      Hi Folks,


      A strange thing is happening. In PE7, HDV preset, using green screen and videomerge, all is fantastic on computer #1. When I transfer the entire folder via an external hard drive, and put it on a second computer, it opens up fine, but now my subjects hair is a bit purple in all the shots except the b roll stuff.


      Anybody have a solution for this weirdness?


      Thanks, Stan

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I'm sorry, but you really haven't given us enough information to help.


          Are you saying that both computers are using identical operating systems and that both are using the same version of Premiere Elements?


          Are you re-importing the green screen and background clip into a new project on each computer, or did you move the project file along with the original clips from one computer to another?


          There is no reason you should see a color shift, all other things being equal. But are all things equal on both machines?