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    Help with setting classpath for Papervision in Flash CS5




      I keep trying to get started with Papervision, but I must be entering the classpath incorrectly as I keep getting errors that the compiler cannot find the classes.


      Is there some kind of bug with setting the classpath on a mac?


      I checked out the papervision stuff so it sits in:


        /Applications/Adobe Flash CS 5/Papervision/as3/trunk/src/


      Inside the src folder is a folder called "org", which contains "papervision3d" and the folders of classes.


      To set the classpath, I've gone to Preferences, chosen ActionScript, clicked on the ActionScript 3.0 button at the bottom, clicked the plus sign, and then clicked on the little folder button to add a path to the Library box (the middle box). I browsed and selected:


        /Applications/Adobe Flash CS 5/Papervision/as3/trunk/src/


      I thought at this point (after quitting and restarting Flash) that if I created a class file that had, for example,


        import org.papervision3d.cameras.*


      that it would work -- but it doesn't. It only works if I save the .fla and .as files themselves in /Applications/Adobe Flash CS 5/Papervision/as3/trunk/src/, in the same folder as the "org" folder. And I guess this means that the path in the Preferences setting is useless.


      This is really bothering me and I would appreciate any help anyone can offer. It seems that although I have tried to follow the tutorials online, I must be doing something wrong and I just can't see what it is.


      Many many thanks in advance.