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    After Effects export and file size limit




      I'm new to the whole animation realm and have an export format question.


      My project is set at 1920x1080 (29 seconds) and I need to export it under 100mb for display on the web at approximately 1090x620px (Australian standards). The accepted formats are mpg/mp4/flv/avi/mov/wmv. Does anyone have advice on the best export settings for this case?


      Thanks heaps for any help.


      =) La

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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          What do you mean by "Australian Standard"?  1090x620 is no standard I'm aware of.


          100MB file size for a 29 second online video is huge, and I can't imagine any web viewer sitting around for 10 mins waiting for 29 secs of video to download.  What, specifically, are you doing online with this file?  Where is it being posted and who is the target audience?


          In Australia, one of the main TV media distribution companies is AdStream.  They distribute 30 second standard def TV commercials to TV networks in Quicktime H264 format.  They request files be compressed at 15000kbps, resulting in files sizes of around 30-40MB for a 30 sec TVC.  Perhaps that's a good baseline for your own encoding, depending on what it's purpose is.


          But, as I mentioned earlier, if this is strictly for online viewing, I'd be aiming to keep your file size much lower - 10MB max.

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            Crackfox11 Level 1

            Hi Andrew,


            Thanks for getting back to me. I just put in Australian standard because there are different requirements for frame rates etc in other countries, don't speak video speak yet so I don't know what info's relevant. The file is for a competition and those are the requirements (under 100mb 29 seconds and in one of the formats I listed). The approximate size (1090x620) is the scale they appear at when posted on the web gallery but it may go to television so I need to get the best possible quality in under 100mb.

            Will try your specs.