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    Share as FLV in PAL?


      Hi Guys

      Another probably basic question from a newbie. I have tried exporting (sharing) a completed project as FLV but when I go to the options there is only NTSC listed, no PAL options. Do I need to enable PAL somewhere or is it simply not available? A bit tough on us UK users if so!

      Many thanks to you all for the constant stream of uselful hints, tips and advice I read here every day. I hope someone can put me right on this issue.

      Cheers, Paul

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Flash (FLV) is an internet format and therefore isn't PAL or NTSC standard specific.I'm not sure why it even says NTSC, since there really is only one format for the Web.

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            Shotan Level 1

            Hi Steve

            Thanks for that ... I use FLV frequently and it threw me a little to see that NTSC reference but as you say it doen't actually have any relevance and probably something that the Adobe team needs to delete next time to avoid giving us Brits unnecessary jitters!!!

            Thanks again for your help and correct answer Steve. Cheers, Paul