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    CreationComplete() of  components inside Navigator container

    Malena Mesarina Level 1



      I have a Navigator container and inside I declare two components :




      <components: Funnel/>



      Inside each of the two components I have a CreationComplete() function and I have the following question:


      I thought that if I set the "selectedIndex" property of the TabNavigator to which ever component I wanted to see by default first, then that component would be created and the CreationComplete() function would be called.


      But what is happening is that BOTH components' CreationComplete() functions  are being called, no matter what I set "selectedIndex ".

      However the weird thing is that it seems that ONLY the mxml sub-components of the "selected" TabNavigator component (ServiceUsage or Funnel) are being created.


      Could someone please explain how the CreationComplete() function and the order of creation of components of each Tab View is related to the "selectedIndex"?