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    Newbie asks: Will an AIR Application work with CFCs on Standalone PC if ColdFusion is not installed?


      I am a ColdFusion developer who is absolutely new to Flex.


      I would like to create a Flex/AIR application that will run on standalone PCs that are not connected to the Internet. As such, I need to develop a truly standalone application with the entire front and back end installed on the PC.


      I will need to create the services that the SWF files will use to fetch and write data to the database. I would prefer to use my CF skills to write those services in ColdFusion. When I deploy the application as a standalone Windows application, would CF have to be installed on the target PCs, or is the AIR runtime able to use the services (the CFC files) that were created with ColdFusion?


      If the answer is that CF would have to be installed, I would have to create the services in something other than CF. If that's the case, what would you suggest that I use to create the services? I would be looking for something with the smallest possible footprint that will work on truly standalone PCs.