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    focusManager in FB4


      I moved a project created in flex 3 to FB4 and it works fine using sdk 3.5 If i set it to 4.1 sdk

      I get one error related to the focusManager.




      This command is used to move the cursor forward to the next tabindex in my application. Can someone help me out

      in what this has changed to? I know i've had isues with this in the 3 series sdk and it worked correctly i belive when sdk 3.3

      hit as it had a problem in mac versus pc. So in sdk 3.5 with air 2 it works correctly but changing sdk to 4.1 and trying (no compatibility mode or flex 3 compatibility mode) it errors on compile.


      Description    Resource    Path    Location    Type
      1061: Call to a possibly undefined method moveFocus through a reference with static type mx.managers:IFocusManager.    keyevent_functions.as    /BeamPro2/src    line 124    Flex Problem


      i have the following imports


      import mx.events.FocusRequestDirection;
      import mx.managers.FocusManager;
      import mx.managers.IFocusManager;
      import mx.managers.IFocusManagerComplexComponent;
      import mx.events.FocusRequestDirection;


      thanks for any help.