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    how to set width of a vertical scrollbar (such as in a combobox)

    magicmouse Level 1

      I have a combox. I have successfully figured out how to set the font name and font size for each time, however as I have increased the normal very tiny size of the combobox items (now more legible), the remaining last problem is the measly 16 pixels for the scrollbar. This might be acceptable on a desktop with a precise cursor positioning system, but for mobile apps I need a way larger scrollbar thickness, perhaps 30 pixels. How does one set the scrollbar thickness for a combobox? I am willing to stick with scaled up icons from whatever is being drawn as a default, so if possible I would just like to set some style number. But can't find any documentation on this. The Apple system has a nasty fixed width scrollbar (20 pixels), and so far it seems Adobe Flash is using only 16. Great for when you are cramped but I am trying to UN-CRAMP the user interface!


      any help is greatly appreciated.  A free copy of Discus ($40 value) for whomever helps me solve this vexing problem with the least amount of effort!