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    Will PE8 run efficiently on a Mac running Parallels?


      Hi. I'm on an Intel iMac. I'd like to try out Premiere Elements 8 but since Adobe has not put out a Mac version............I'm wondering if I went to the trouble of getting and setting up "Parallels" on the Mac.....if it would run the Windows version of PE8 efficiently enough to make it worthwhile as I know that Parallels would slow the program down to some degree?Yes.....I've thought about using Bootcamp.......but in my case .....when I'm editing, I usually have 2 or 3 supporting applications open at the same time (an image editor,audio editor,animation app) and am switching back and forth in the different apps while I work on and import/export various files which would mean I would have to be continuously booting back and forth between the 2 OS's.I'm wondering if anyone has 1st hand experience in trying this out and if so how well did PE8 run for them with Parallels? How much of a speed decrease in the program did they notice? Thanks for any help.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I use Premiere Elements 8 on a dual-boot iMac (Boot Camp) running Win 7. It works great!


          On the other hand Parallels is much less efficient, since it splits the power between Windows and OSX, so I've no idea what your results will be. My guess is that it's not the best way to go. But, of course, it depends on which iMac you're using, since they range from fairly basic to somewhat powerful. (You'd certainly have better luck with a Mac Pro -- but, even there, VirtualPC and Parallels does not perform well with intensive Windows apps. And Premeire Elements is certainly intensive!)