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    EBooks on another computer to my new Mac


      Hi everyone


      I am very new to digital editions and not very savvy!  I bought some ebooks on my work computer at the end of last year (in the UK).  I no longer work at that company and when I left, I copied my ebooks across to my new Mac (which is now in Australia).  I have downloaded Digitial Editions onto my Mac, and when I try and add my ebooks it says "document is licensed for a different account" and I can't read them.  What do I have to do to access these books?  I am desperately hoping that I haven't "lost them" otherwise it is a complete waste of money!


      Any help?






      *I forgot to say that I don't think I authorised the downloads to my last computer.  I have to be honest - I downloaded the books from a Waterstones Bookstore and it just downloaded it for me.  I don't remember doing anything special!