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    How to save library symbols' class files in packages that are not the default package?




      I perform the following in Flash CS5 with Flash Builder 4


      1) Create a new library symbol.

      2) Do a RightClick->Properties on the new symbol

      3) Check the options for "Export for ActionScript" and "Export in frame 1".

      4) I write a new name for my class "Class1" and click on the pencil icon "edit class definition" to edit the class.


      At this point my FlashBuilder 4 takes over and opens the "New ActionScript" dialog.


      4) I then click on Package-Browse to select a package e.g. com.mycompany.myfiles as the new class destination.


      The as file is created as com.mycompany.myfiles/Class1.as as everything seems just fine.


      5) I close the ActionScript file and back in Flash CS5 I RightClick on the symbol and select "Edit Class".


      At this time, FB4 suggests again to create the file, ignoring the fact that I already created it before.



      Do you know of a way I can make Flash CS5 remember where I created the file?