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    Flex/Flashbuilder build AIR, is Adobe suffering from product development myopia?




      Im really new to using Flex/Flashbuilder to build SWFs. Im actually using Flex3 (3.2) instead of FlashBuilder, but both seem to have to same approach when it comes to creating AIR)


      Im trying to get a hold of Adobe's idea of creating AIR apps with Flex/FlashBuilder. From what I make out the way to go is create a Flex project and set it to publish for the desktop. Actionscript projects dont have this option (though I know how to fake it by changing .mxml to .as)


      But as Im new to Flex, Im trying to get a hold on the concept of Flex/FlashBuilder. I just cant imagine that developer tools like these encourages developers to use MXML instead of actionscript when you want to develop an AIR app. Especially because the compilers seems to parse MXML code into actionscript class instances. From what I make out sofar this is a ridiculous sidestep and forces developers to learn MXML while the actual language is Actionscript 3.0. Also all the necessary libraries could just as easily be compiled into an Actionscript project, right?


      The weird thing is that FlashBuilder seems to have to exact same setup as Flex 3. So, I guess Adobe didnt think that workflow was a Flex 3 flaw. So either Im missing something completely obvious or Adobe suffering from product development myopia.


      What's the idea here? Can someone explain, please?