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    Background music in a Flash Presentation

    iranten Level 1



      I have made a corporate presentation in Flash (CS3).


      The structure is as follows.


      The main timeline just 6 key frames. 1 intro and 5 content.


      Each of the 6 key frames has a movie clip with relevant content on it.


      After the introduction in key frame 1, the timeline stops at the next key frame.

      From here, one can navigate forward and backward between the 5 content key frames, using buttons.

      These buttons are available throughout these five key frames.


      Each of the key frames contains a relevant movie clip, with content.

      And also a sound clip to introduce what that key frame contains.


      Since a user can navigate forward and backward at any point of time, all these keyframes have the frame action:



      so that sounds from one key frame do not overlap into another.


      So far so good. No problems at all...things just work fine.


      Now here is the problem:


      I also have a background music track, which is loaded as a separate swf onto another level.

      The moment the movie stops at the 2nd key frame after the intro, the bkg music clip which was loaded in the first keyframe stops playing.


      I realize that this is because of the:

      stopAllSounds(); frame action.


      So how do I, make it that the bkg music can play throughout the timeline without being affected by the: stopAllSounds(); frame  action in the main movie.


      All and any help will be appreciated. I am a graphic designer and not a programmer....so would appreciate precise instructions.





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          funkysoul Level 4

          well there are various ways of handling that:


          1. Use a soundmanager class to start and stop every sound wherever you need
          This is the best solution but since you are not a programmer, I don't know if you would be capable of working with it


          2. Use a controller movieclip that handles your needs (similar to soundmanager above )



          In your case, I would try to do this:


          On every movieclip attach this to mute the corresponding sound:


          var myMovieClip:MovieClip;

          var muteTransform:SoundTransform = new SoundTransform();
          .volume = 0;
          .soundTransform = muteTransform;


          Are you attaching the sound to the timeline or are you coding it? Sound on the timeline is a really huge pain to control effectively...

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            iranten Level 1

            Hi Tiago,


            Thanks for that reply.


            As you said, I am no programmer, but will definitely try out what you have suggested.


            Thanks once again.