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        The link given for troubleshooting seems to be faulty. It gives no opportunity to enter any information

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          yokelmike Level 1

          I seem to have come across a variant of this problem. Was setting up a new PC last night - running Win7 Home Premium and IE8.

          Attempted to use YouTube and was given a link to download Flashplayer 10.

          As others found it took ages to get nowhere with the Adobe download.Definitely no problem with broadband speed (7Mbps).

          Then managed to download very quickly from CNET and apparently installed O.K. However, Youtube still refused to show videos and directed me to the Adobe download.

          Restarted PC but problem persists.

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            I got a telephone call from a guy at Akamai (he saw my number and called it) but it went to voicemail.  He will be looking into this problem.  He is in the States.


            I think all that link does, is, it logs your IP address and the time, that way, if you click on that link immediately after you tried (and failed) to download whatever Adobe file, it gives them something they can trace to their server - or, at least, that is what the voicemail said (or how I interpreted it).

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              yokelmike Level 1

              In that case I will have just confused them because I was actually

              attempting the installation last night on a different PC


              It is very strange since the forum suggests that CNET links to the Adobe

              site. But last night every attempt to download from Adobe was incredibly

              slow and two attempts at download / installation from CNET were successful

              (less than 1 minute), but the CNET installation did not seem to work either

              with YouTube, or Videos on the Yahoo homepage.


              I hope this gets resolved soon.




              Mike H

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                I was having exactly the same issue with the Adobe download however the cnet download is working for me, down in 3secs compared to the 1day 9 hours estimate for Adobe


                Youtube and Yahoo are working fine, fresh Firefox 4.01 install on windows7.


                CNET link for anyone intrested:





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                  pwillener Level 8

                  yokelmike wrote:


                  the CNET installation did not seem to work either

                  with YouTube, or Videos on the Yahoo homepage.

                  Please start a new topic if you want help with your Flash Player problem.

                  State your FP version, operating system and browser, plus an exact description of how FP does not work.

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                    I may have had this problem for 6 months, but didn't find this thread before. I'm a UK resident with BT Broadband. I'm an IT professional and other downloads from all over the world have been trouble free, as you'd expect, including downloads from the USA hundreds of times larger than the 2.9MB of flash player.


                    Flash is essentially broken for me in the UK. The last successful upgrade for flash for me was 10.1 a few months ago (I think).  10.2 installer wakes up every now and again and tries to install a new version of flash and fails.


                    I thought I'd tidy things up by using Adobe's flash uninstaller to remove the prior (working) version and do a clean install of the latest. Big mistake. Now I have no flash and am stuck with the excruciating download speed from the Adobe flash download page. It's looking like maybe an hour to download 2.9MB install_flash_player.exe - we'll see - my confidence is low as the download is clearly getting slower as time progresses so it may never get there. With 2MB downloaded of 2.9 (at 1.7KB/sec) it seems to have stalled. LOL it's actually much worse than a dial-up modem from 20 years ago.


                    I'm guessing there are hundreds of thousands of UK users with this issue, but the majority of those are simply stuck on a prior version of Flash so the problem is less apparent.


                    edit: I've just thought of something ironic... the uninstall_flash_player.exe downloaded absolutely fine, just the install fails. Thank you Adobe.

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                      authoriseduser Level 1

                      A guy from Akamai in Boston called me yesterday (Akamai hosts Adobe).  He was able to download the file perfectly from Boston (connecting to server in the UK).  But I could not.  Actually, I was able to download ShockWave, but then Flash would not download.  Then I couldn't even get ShockWave a second time.  You might try early in the morning.


                      Anyway, the Akamai guy had me run some trace routes, and it seems that what is happening is that the download is freezing within seconds of connecting.  If you go look at your download folder, you will probably see a file of only 20KB there.  Then, after about a half hour, the Adobe/Akamai disconnects.  Actually, it seems to think that it is getting a disconnect message from my computer (or, at least, that is what I could understand from the Akamai guy).  But it has something to do with the connection between the server and our computers - but the Akamai guy doesn't know what it is yet.  And it is intermittent.  He "purged" the server, but that didn't help.


                      Try early in the day and see if that helps.


                      Ooops - I just tried downloading Flash at 7:30am  here in London and it instantly froze after downloading 7KB of data.  I guess it is not a "time of day" issue.

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                        footlezooble Level 1

                        TamaRS, that https fix is awesome, just awesome. I don't know how you worked it out. I was in the middle of a 'adobe install' with their funky downloader running like a cripple with two broken legs running through treacle on a high-gravity planet, and I tried your https trick without stopping the regular adobe download in case I lost 20 mins of that download (7.7%...). But the https download took maybe 3 SECONDS.  Woot. Thanks very much.

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                          authoriseduser Level 1

                          Yes, that works just fine.  I know that the extra "s" indicates a "secure" protocol, but that's all I know.  The Akamai tech guy said there were two "regions" of servers in the UK, so maybe that URL goes to a different server???  Anyway, I forwarded on your solution to the Akamai tech guy.  Thanks for that.

                          • 51. Re: SOLUTION for slow download



                            Regarding flash player slow download,


                            It is nothing to do with what web browser you are using or what security software your pc is running,


                            The problem is with the non secure link which adobe provide to dowload the flash player.


                            They provide a 'http' link instead of a 'https' link which is more secure.


                            This is the original link:



                            Here is the secure fast link:






                            Use the link above and the download should be fine


                            If you have any questions or queries, then just PM me





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                              If you are having problems with this download please click this Akamai link http://ip.akamai.com/case/B-3-P618CJ


                              It will then show a Tracking Number and that's all. 


                              Then please post a reply in this forum with that Tracking Number and the time and time zone you tried the download so I can find logs on the Akamai side.


                              The more exact the time you report, the better.  Use military time or use AM or PM and don't forget the time zone.


                              I will post the results of my investigation on this forum once I have identified the root cause and have resolved it.






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