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    ASDoc - Access of undefined property...


      I have a Flash Professional Project in Flash Builder associated with a FLA file.


      The FLA file has movie clips TitleScreen and Button. Button has a label (i.e., "sample text"). TitleScreen has a few named instances of Button (AboutButton, StartGameButton, etc.) that I added and named in Flash Professional. TitleScreen, Button, and the stage (and etc.) are associated with respective class files. In TitleScreen.as, I set the labels of the buttons (i.e., AboutButton.label = "about us").


      I want to use ASDoc to generate documentation and organize myself.


      I get errors like this for all the Flash Professional-created/named buttons:


      C:\blahblah\TitleScreen.as(24): col: 4 Error: Access of undefined property AboutButton.


      AboutButton.label = "about screen";



      How can I fix this?