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    Plus Members "Instant Movie" won't upload

    boxan_21 Level 1

      I have recently updated to PRE 8 and decided to pay the extra ~$50 to get a PLUS membership for the added features. I have tried my first upload of a Movie Theme and it will not work.  After selecting the "Plus Members Only" I select a theme and hit "next".  It brings up a dialog box showing progress. It just sits there advancing from 0 to 100%, "Downloading Content", then starts over again. I left this going for over ~2 hrs hoping it was just slow, but it never finishes. I have tried the multiple times, with different projects (only using stills) to create a slide show.  I also read through some other forums and went back to confirm that I'm logged into Photoshop.com account. I also confirmed that my membership is active as well.  Is it possible I'm still doing something wrong. I would hate to think that I paid $50 and not able to get anything out of this membership.

      Any help is greatly appreciated.