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    dynamic definition of binding expression.

    Fred in Orlando Level 1

      I can use a standard textInput like this:


      <mx:TextInput   text="{Root.elementA}" \>


      and this works well, when I use an HttpService to replace Root, the TextInput is updated.  However...


      I have defined my own custom fields, which take a "tag" attribute that allows them to update the server when they are changed.  Thus I have


      <my:FredsTextInput tag="A0500C"/>  and I would really like to bind to the data WITHOUT repeating text="{Root.A0500C}" for each element.  I've got about 500 elements.  I have tried all the different definitions I can think of for FredsTextInput with no success.  Does Anyone have a solution?  If it matters, I'm using Flex 4 and here is my latest failure, which just shows  "{Globals.AssessmentData.A1300B}" in the TextInput field.


      <mx:TextInput xmlns:fx="http://ns.adobe.com/mxml/2009"
                   change="{AssessmentService.saveChanges(id,event.target.selectedItem.value)}"      >
              [Bindable] private var _tag:String = "undefined"
              public function set tag(name:String):void {
                  //Globals.log("setting tag on checkbox "+name);
                  var longname = "{Globals.AssessmentData."+name+"}";
                  super.text = "{Globals.AssessmentData.A1300B}";
                  toolTip = name +"="+ super.text;