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    MPEG Encoding Secret CS5 only

    Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      If you have CS5 and are using it to encode files to MPEG2-DVD and want to minimize your encoding time DO NOT export directly from Premiere!  Instead close your Premiere application and open Adobe Media Encoder and add your finished sequence(s) with File/Add Premiere Pro Sequence, navigate to your sequence and open the file.  Go to Export Settings and make your personal preferences just like you would have if you had exported directly from Premiere. For some reason MPEG2-DVD encodes in about half the time directly from AME as opposed to exporting from Premiere.  It is interesting that if you do your encoding to AVI this way it will take twice as long for AVI encoding, and H.264 BR does not make much difference.  This has been reported as a bug.  In the development of PPBM5 (soon to be available) I found and documented this bug.

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Good info!

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            Thank you!!! I exproted a Mpeg-2 DVD in Premiere Pro CS5 and it took 22 hours to export a 1 hour and 45 min video because I had a film filter which ok I understand it had to render the filter, but 22 hours. The same timeline exported it Mpeg-2 Blueray and it took only 4 hours or so. Now if I don't have any video filters applied it takes about an hour or two but with this film process from Boris it took 22 hours to export. I thought that this was wierd. I'll defintaly do this from now on.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              Great to know and thank you for taking the time to investigate and then to report on the workflow.





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                Steve Liles Level 1

                Trying to work out what is going wrong with me then. I was so pleased to read this thread because having slightly upgraded my CS4 machine from Core 2 Quad Core 4Gb RAM, NVidia 8800GTX, 2x 750Gb Project Drives, 1x 500Gb OS Drive running Windows XP64 to CS5 with Windows 7 64, 6Gb RAM (about to move to 8Gb this week) GeForce GTX 285 I rendered my first 2hour wedding DVD on MPEG2-DVD and it came down from about 8hours under the old setup to about 6 hours which I was very disappointed with until I saw this thread. So I have closed down everything (including doing a cold boot) and opened up AME and added as mentioned the PPro Sequence which is 2 hours of AVCHD footage with absolutely no transitions whatsoever. However, I am now 2 and a half hours into the render and it's saying there is still 26 and a half hours to go. Have I done something wrong here? My Render settings are Audio PCM, Video 2-Pass Average 7Mbps, Max 8Mbps, 3 options all clicked (Blending, Max Render, Use Previews)

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                  Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Steve, the major difference between the two methods is that instead of using the cache, that by default is located on the boot drive, you directly use the project file/drive with this method.  My Project drive is a very high speed RAID array.


                  Also this test was done without any of the encoding options that you have listed checked and changed from the default of the "NTSC Widescreen High Quality"


                  And oh yes, it was done with 12 GB of RAM on an I7-9xx system so there may be coding enhancements in this later generation CPU.  What I used for the benchmark is of course the MPEG2-DVD portion of our PPBM5.


                  I am not sure if my non-benchmarking workflow decisions are correct or not but for my final deliverable DVD products I never use any of the Blending, Max Render or Use Previews options and I and the recipients are pleased with the results.

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                    Steve Liles Level 1

                    Hi Bill, Thank you so much for getting back to me on this one. If I'm honest I put on the fact that I check those boxes in the hope someone would tell me they're not needed. Although I understand the idea of those boxes part of me just wants the best render I can get for the space I stick on my disk which to me comes from the VBR 2 pass Mbps options. If those boxes give me something I can actually see then I'm happy to check them but if they're doing a lot of work for no noticeable results then I'll uncheck them. I wonder what will happen to my times now???