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    AE CS5 Help application damaged, won't launch

    Chris|Cousins Level 1

      Installed CS5 last week, on a Mac Book Pro OSX10.6, also with CS3 installed (Master collection) installed. Thought I'd try to get up to speed but when I try to access the AE help files, I get a message that says: Adobe AIR: The installation of this application is damaged. Try re-installing or contacting the publisher for assistance. The same error occurs whatever help feature I try to launch.


      I don't really know what AIR is, or what the error means - do I need to re-install Air to read able to access the help files, or the whole of CS5 master collection (I really don't want to do this...). I've tried running the installer for CS5 to find the help app but it's not listed as a separate application. I've updated my installation of AIR, whatever this is, but it doesn't help either.


      Hope someone can shed some light, thanks - Chris


      Update - I just tried deleting & reinstalling a CS5 package, OnLocation - this didn't help. I also tried downloading another Air app, this ran fine, it's only adobe air apps that appear to be affected.