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    Go To Url - Button not working

    Robert Mazerz

      I am trying to create a website, where I have an image of a pdf document as a button, and when the user presses on the button, it is going to link to the actual document hosted online.  However, I can not get this to work.  If I run the program from Flash Catalyst, the buttons work perfectly, however, once I publish the site, the buttons no longer work.  I do not believe it is the links I am using, because I have tried many links, including http://www.facebook.com/ and http://google.com.  I am using the deploy to web folder that is published.  Any help is appreciated. 

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          Tanya Heins-2I5OoU Level 3

          Happy to take a look if you can share your fxp file.



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            Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

            I suspect there maybe security sandbox issues. For example:


            • Local untrusted SWF files may not communicate with the Internet. You can avoid this situation by reclassifying this SWF file as local-with-networking or trusted.
            • A navigate operation attempted to evaluate a scripting pseudo-URL, but the containing document (usually an HTML document in a browser) is from a sandbox to which you do not have access. You can avoid this situation by specifyingallowScriptAccess="always" in the containing document.
            • You cannot navigate the special windows "_self", "_top", or "_parent" if your SWF file is contained by an HTML page that has set the allowScriptAccess to "none", or to"sameDomain" when the domains of the HTML file and the SWF file do not match.
            • You cannot navigate a window with a nondefault name from within a SWF file that is in the local-with-filesystem sandbox.


            Are the URLs on the exact same domain as the Flash Catalyst files? Are you calling them by their full path or relative path?


            Hope this helps.