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    Silent Installs of Adobe Products


      Good morning.


      I am  developing a package for each Adobe Product we have, using the silent  install concept based on Adobe's "Silent Install Deployment Guide" for  Mac OS X. Everything is working fine, yet during the silent install, we  are prompted with a proxy authentication window, as we are behind a  firewall. In the past with manually installing everything, we would  simply cancel this screen and the install would proceed.


      How  do I suppress this proxy window from appearing, like everything else is  suppressed in the "application.override.xml" file ?


      I want to  avoid using some applescript workaround, that would do the "cancel" for  me, if I can.


      Cheers  Chris.

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          chrislenny Level 1

          Guys. i've found a solution/workaround for this.


          Run the process to create the silent install again


          sudo Setup.app/Contents/MacOS/Setup --record=1


          Do a custom install, and do not install the "adobehelp" (if there) and the "adobemediaplayer"


          During the silent install, you are never prompted for proxy.


          If end User's need Adobe help they can look on the net or check out the Adobe Forums.


          Cheers Chris.