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    Cant make slices from guides or selection!


      For some reason i cant make slices from the box i have selected or the guides i have created. I have done so in the past and have checked and rechecked if anything is locked or turned off. But for some reason i still cant make the slices were i want them. when i select "clip to artboard" it just makes 1 big slice the size of the art board.

      when i turn "clip to artboard" off it makes them in random areas on the pasteboard, no where near ANY guides i have on the page.


      Can anyone help?

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          clintinz Level 1

          Typical! i think i might have solved it. I had multiple artboards at one stage, and have since deleted them. however the one that i was working on was to the right of the centre of the pasteboard, which was were my slices kept showing up. so i guess AI doenst like you making slice on an artboard unless it is dead centre? Either way it works..