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    Can I successfully mix video source types?

    Anna Lyon Level 1


      I'm getting the impression from the forum that my problems with PE8, (frequent crashing, failure to render timeline, disregard of markers, etc.), are likely due to my running the program on Win7 Ultimate 64-bit. But I've noticed I have more problems when I add AVCHD video to the project. (I otherwise have AVI and VOB segments.)  Does PE8 have known compatibility issues with AVCHD, or mixing sources, or is it just me? I updated to PE8 so I could import AVCHD, which is what is produced by my son's video camera.

      I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (2.67 GHz quad processor, 12 GB RAM) and I installed the 8.01 patch and updated Quicktime and my NVDIA driver, as suggested by Adobe.

      Thanks, Anna