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    how to change the link tfile_main


      What i want to do is make the flash template bi-language.


      the Index file is linked to Main_F7.swf and to tfile_main.xml so i figured the easiest option for me (just a started with flash) is to make a second copy of Main_F7 (Main_F72) and link this one to tfile_main2 (second language).


      index --> main_F7 --> tfile_main  (first language) with a button to the index2 file

      index2 --> main_F72 --> tfile_main2 (for the second language) with a button to the index file


      The site will open in english and whenever the button flag is clicked the second language will open.


      Can anyone tell me how and where can i change the name of the link to tfile_main?