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    Saving 6.5 project(with liquify effect) into CS5 = crash?


      Hi all.


      I've recently upgraded a few machines from AE 6.5 and CS3 to CS5.


      There's a project that was done in AE6.5, and now the client is coming back for revision.

      I can open the old project in CS5, but when I save it as a new project (even Save as..), AE crashes.

      Tried importing the .aep instead of opening directly, no luck also.

      It crashes every time when I save.


      Then, I tried removing all liquify effect from the project, and now, I can save.


      Any clue anybody? Is it official that liquify from 6.5 is not supported by CS5?

      (I would like to try saving it from 6.5 > cs3 > cs4 > cs5, but too bad I dont have all the versions.)


      Thank you for reading. Any help is much appreciated.