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    addChild or visible property




      I am brand new to flash and I have been reading lots of tutorials and help forums.  I am to the point now where I am working on my own project and this is the best way for me to pick it up is to get down and dirty.


      So far so good but I have a question, more like a poll.


      I have 80 symbols that at any given time, 10 of them will be turned off and then some animation in their place.  What is the best way to acheive to constant on and off of these symbols.  Should I use an addChild and removeChild in AS3 or drag them to their stage points and use a a visible and hid property in the actionscript?  The locations of the 80 symbols never change, just their visiblity.  Excactly the same with the replacement animation.


      Thanks.  I am curious to see your answers!