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    MAC Drive software

    shooternz Level 6

      Does anyone know or have experience of this software?




      I have been given a drive from a MAC that evidently does not have the 4gb mac partioning in its drive formatting.


      I need the 36 GB media  file from it. (urgently)


      My Win7  system identifies that there is a connected disk drive but there is no way to open it.  ie. I can only see it as a device to be ejected BUT there is no drive in "My Computer " or "Explorer"  or Devices to open.


      Evidently ...the MAC Dive software will solve this issue but I dont want to load a "dodgy" application if I can help it.

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          rejdmast1 Level 2

          It works great.  I have it on two computers.

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            shooternz Level 6

            Thank you.

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              Colin Brougham Level 6

              I'll second the recommendation for MacDrive; it's an essential part of my workflow.


              Another good option--better in some ways, because it's free and less flaky, though not as flexible since it lacks Explorer integration and write capability--is HFSExplorer. In some circumstances, it's able to read things that MacDrive isn't, which is helpful--I've had occasions where the files I try to open or copy with MacDrive simply throw an error. There's nothing wrong with the files, but the translator is somehow unable to deal with some Mac-specific pecularity of the files. With HFSExplorer, you mount the particular HFS volume you're after with its file browser interface, and then "extract" the data to one of your local drives. It copies as fast as any native file system.


              Good to have choices...

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                This is a bit of an old thread but it might help me get an answer I've been pondering about for a little while recently since buying a WD 2TB My Book Studio. 


                I've been using Macdrive for years now and absolutely love it! However, being a long-time desktop PC user I have never used any of my external hard drives in the past as a scratch disk. Recently, I upgraded to the more portable land of laptops and it's working great but to make sure I optimised my setup as much as I could, I bought the above mentioned drive because it's RAID0 enabled and e-sata connected giving me a decent, stable data-rate (I assume). The WD drives often come pre-formatted as HFS+ to make it easier for Mac users to just plug-in and go and I thought considering I am often working with colleagues using Macs and FCP too, it would be a good idea to keep this drive formatted this way to retain better compatibility with my peers.


                The question that popped up in my mind however is whether this is adversely hindering performance whilst editing? Would read/write speeds be more efficient if the drive were configured natively as NTFS or does this not make much difference when using Macdrive?? Anybody have any thoughts???