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    AIR 2.0 SDK installed but Flash Builder still giving error "NetworkInterface could not be found."


      Hi there,


      I am trying to retrieve the users MAC address to implement an authorization process on a AIR application. I have read that this is possible with the latest version of the AIR SDK (2.0).


      I am developing in Flash Builder and have discovered that it does not ship with the latest AIR SDK. Therefore I have tried two seperate solutions:


      1) Following these instructions for overlaying the latest AIR SDK onto the current Flex SDK.



      2) Downloading the latest Flex SDK (4.1) and using that.


      In both of these cases Flash Builder then recognises the NetworkInterface and NetworkInfo classes implying that the overlaying of the AIR SDK has been successfully. However when I then run the app the debugger throws an error on the following line:




      var results:Vector.<NetworkInterface> = NetworkInfo.networkInfo.findInterfaces();

      Note: I have imported both classes as well.




      VerifyError: Error #1014: Class flash.net::NetworkInterface could not be found.



      Whilst it throws the above error it also traces the following text to the console:




      outer-scope = [global Object$ flash.events::EventDispatcher$ flash.display::DisplayObject$ flash.display::InteractiveObject$ flash.display::DisplayObjectContainer$ flash.display::Sprite$ Main$]

                             [Main[O] *[A]] {} ()

        0:debugfile "E:\Projects\ABETA\ABETA-AIRapp\flash-air\code;;Main.as"

                             [Main[O] *[A]] {} ()

        2:debugline 73

                             [Main[O] *[A]] {} ()


                             [Main[O] *[A]] {} (Main[O])


                             [Main[O] *[A]] {Main[O]} ()


                             [Main[O] *[A]] {Main[O]} ()

        11:debugline 76

                             [Main[O] *[A]] {Main[O]} ()

        13:findpropstrict flash.net::NetworkInfo

                             [Main[O] *[A]] {Main[O]} (Object[A])

        15:getproperty flash.net::NetworkInfo

                             [Main[O] *[A]] {Main[O]} (*[A])

        17:getproperty networkInfo

                             [Main[O] *[A]] {Main[O]} (*[A])

        19:callproperty findInterfaces 0

                             [Main[O] *[A]] {Main[O]} (*[A])

        22:coerce __AS3__.vec::Vector





      I am not sure what steps to take next. I haven't found much about this online. The following adobe forum page is high on the google search results but when you click through it says I am unauthorized despite being logged in:





      I would greatly appreciate any advice.


      Many thanks,