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    Script Versioning InDesign CS5 (INX-Export)


      Dear all,


      I am currently encountering a problem with Script Versioning or -- perhaps I don't understand the purpose of Script Versioning...


      In CS4 I wrote a Visual Basic Script (see below) that exports INX of the current document to disk. Since CS5 no longer supports INX I thought to use Script Versioning to "simulate" CS4, but obviously that doesn't seem to work. As I have several Scripts to be converted to CS5 I am interested in the constraints using Script Versioning concerning the object model.


      Thanks for any help.


      Best Regards,




          Dim myInDesign As InDesign.Application
          Dim myPub As InDesign.Document


          Set myInDesign = CreateObject("InDesign.Application.CS5")

          myInDesign.ScriptPreferences.Version = 6

          Set myPub = myInDesign.Documents.FirstItem
          myPub.Export "InDesign Interchange-Format", "D:\test.inx"


          myInDesign.ScriptPreferences.Version = 7