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    Cannot set FlashVars with Flash ActiveX

    Rico ledaouf Level 1



      My external container isn't able to set FlashVars since I upgraded to Flash version What's the matter ?

      A simple for loop didn't list anything in the loaderInfo.parameters object (for (var val:String in loaderInfo.parameters)).


      It didn't happen with any older Flash version.




      Windows XP SP3

      Container: Excel 2003, set FlashVars through VBA code

      Flash ActiveX version




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          Rico ledaouf Level 1

          Nobody has encountered the same problem?


          As a precision, I can set the FlashVars property through VBA code, but the FlashVars string remains empty after setting the variable and in my Flex 3 application, the variable "loaderInfo.parameters" did not contain anything (nothing is listed using a "for (var val:String in loaderInfo.parameters)" loop.


          The same program used with Flash lists parameters set through VBA code.


          Any answer will be appreciated.

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            Andrei1 Level 6

            There are several threads on Adobe Forums regarding this issue. FP 10.1 obviously doesn't allow setting FlashVars with VBA or other than html container.


            Also, I saw an article on Adobe that states that although it was the case in earlier players, this functionality (using other than native containers) is not documented and may not be supported in the future. Looks like they closed this hole.