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    Media offline error message; Equipment

    tamzunc Level 1

      1)  I'm running PE 8 on a PC with dual core AMD, 4 GB Ram, Vista Home Premium.  I'm working on a short project with lots of short segments.  I save frequently to avoid freezes which seem to occur when too many actions have been done.  Nevertheless,  everytime I get close to finishing, some of the clips will come up with this error message Media Offline which has to do with losing the file association.  It's very tedious to reestablish the link, i.e. reimport the clips.  Any ideas?  Do lots of short clips create a problem?


      2)   I'm wondering if going to a faster, perhaps Intel rather than AMD processor, and/or going to Windows 7 would help.  I hate to just throw money at this, including switching to MAC, but it's highly frustrating.  Has anyone upgraded from VIsta and had things improve?  Any other tweaks in terms of swap files, etc that might work?





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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Premiere Elements 8 is more of a resource hog than the previous versions -- but, with the 8.01 patch applied, it should run just fine on XP SP3, Vista SP2 and Windows 7. (Although many people report driver issues that lead to instability on the 64-bit version of Windows 7.)


          If you can't get it to work, however, you can try an alternative, like Sony's Vegas MovieStudio 10, which costs about the same and seems to be less sensitive to Windows instabilities than Premiere Elements.


          As for your media offline issues -- where is your media located? Is it on your computer's C drive? If not -- or if it's on an external drive that you have used Map Network Drive to assign a drive letter to -- your computer can lose track of the links to your media files.

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            tamzunc Level 1

            Thank you Steve.  I looked again and actually I have PE 7.  I just installed the patch.  As far as the files, they are on the same drive as the program.  The frustrating thing is that I can save the project with everthing working and when I reopen some clips have the media offline message.


            I'll see if it works better with the patch.