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    Screenshots do not appear in topics in Robo7


      My normal mode of work is to create topics in Word 2007, and then import them into RoboHelp 7. In most instances, my screenshots will appear when I view with the binoculars, but once I publish I just see a red X.


      So, I now have to take a screenshot, save it, then insert the saved saved screenshot into the Robo document. This method always works.


      I have never had any training, so I'm sure there is something wrong I am doing. For example, I've read where users save their screenshots in Robo, which I do not do.

      We are now in the process of setting up a second Robo server, to allow one of our other businesses to maintain their own work on their own server. While running my system testing, I've noticed certain files do not appear. See screenshot below. Yet other screenshots appear without issue, and they were created the same way.


      Any ideas of why this is happening and what I can do to resolve all instances in one fell swoop?


      Many thanks,



      PS - I'm happy to hear how I "should" be doing this, since I'm sure I'm not using the correct method.

      broken graphic link.png