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    rhcl.exe raises an error dialog - can't use it for automation if it's interactive

    kukrapok Level 1

      Hi there!


      I'm using rhcl.exe (RoboHelp to produce a Printed Documentation. It appears that rhcl.exe raises an error dialog whereas the rhcl.exe thing is called from a batch process that doesn't expect interaction with any user (there's no human to click there).


      It is expected to get such interactive dialog from rhcl.exe? Can't this be discarded, timeouted or workarounded in any way to run rhcl in real batch mode?


      FYI, the error I get is:

      "Printed Documentation

      The Printed Documentation Wizard encountered an unexpected error when attempting to generate Printed Documentation"


      This error is, BTW, pretty useless ;-) apart the fact that it indicates a failure in the process, it would better dump a more detailed error and fail with the appropriate error code, but that's not my concern right now.