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    How do I link external files (.pdf's) in the flash content please?  I'm creating a CD interface




      I'm new to Adobe CS software and would like some advice please.


      My company uses a CD with a flash interface that opens via an .exe or .app file.  The original designer is on maternity leave at the moment but we need some content updates before she gets back and I’m deciding whether to redo the CD myself or to source a new designer.


      So far I've been able to replicate most of the CD in Catalyst using the trial version but there is one thing stopping me from buying the software.  I can't find a way to link external files (specifically pdf's) via the flash content.  The CD is for instruction manuals so once the interface has been navigated the user needs to click on a button to open the desired pdf manual.


      Is this possible in Catalyst or am I looking at the wrong software?


      I can't write code and my experience is limited so I would appreciate help from someone who knows what they're talking about please and any software recommendation would also be great


      If I need to outsource please tell me but bear in mind that I have been able to do all the design work and it's just linking the pdf's that I'm struggling with


      Thanks in advance and for any help