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    PS Elements 8 - "Save As" PDF File Sizes Huge


      In Photoshop Elements 8.0, Photoshop PDF file sizes are huge when using the "save as" function, using JPEG compression.


      No matter which "Image Quality" is used, the resultant PDF is huge. At "high" quality the file is 20 MB. At "medium" quality, the file is 15 MB. At "low" quality, the file is also 15 MB, much too large. This was not a problem in older versions of Elements. File sizes were typically just more than 3 MB.


      If I save the image as JPEG files using "maximum" (10) quality, "medium" (5) quality, and "low" (3) quality, I can insert the image(s) into Word and use the Acrobat Pro PDF printer driver to get PDF file sizes of 1.8 MB, 1.3 MB, and 1.1 MB. These PDF files are perfect. Even the lowest quality is perfectly readable for my purposes. The older versions of Elements worked fine so I didn't need to take the step of saving in JPEG format, importing to Word and then printing.


      Does anyone know if Photoshop Elements Version 8 is capable of saving PDF files in the smaller file sizes?  Is there a plug-in I can purchase that would give better results?


      Photoshop Elements Version 8.0 (20090905.r.605812) with all updates applied.

      OS = Windows 7 Enterprise (6.1, Build 7600).


      Thank you for any help or adevice.