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    Has anyone else run into this problem?


      I am developing a combined java and flex project, and it was working fine as a web app. Usinf flash builder I converted it to a desktop air project, and now it fails to send messages to java. eg, My test code just calls a java class's hello() method when i click a button, and an alert shows "hello", which is what the java class returns. However I get an error in the air version, when I click the button it gives an error saying:



      faultString:'Send failed'

      faultDetail:'Channel.Connect.Failed error

      NetConnection.Call.Failed: HTTP: Failed: url:



      I can see the problem there, my project is called Combination, as is the swf file but for some reason it is looking for "ombination.swf". Weird problem any ideas? I tried changing the name of the swf file to ombination as a quick fix, but then the air can't load it.