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    Best way to edit styles after importing html file?

    techpubsmistress Level 1

      Windows XP RoboHelp 8 (FrameMaker 9) Dreamweaver


      I have been given a large html document of API Functions that I have imported into RH. Most of the information is  in tables that don't have an id. I want to change the table formatting, but don't want to do it manually to each instance. I tried making a table style and applying it to the tables, but it didn't bring over all the formatting.


      I do not know much html or css, but I'm wondering if that would be the only way to change the table formatting?


      As far as I can tell, the tables are not identified with any type of tag in the html.


      I messed around in DW with the css editor and created table properties, but don't know how to apply it to the existing tables in the html.


      At a loss...