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    embedded pdf displays on top of my dropdown menu

    Nancy Gill Level 1

      I have a dropdown menu and some of my content is displayed via an embedded pdf.  The client really does not want an extra window to have to open for this .. very clunky.  I have spent the better part of my weekend trying to solve this problem .. z-index doesn't do it .. iframes do not do it .. nothing I have found that is supposed to work has actually worked. 


      Finally I find this:


      Adobe PDF documents are not indexable. It is impossible to get any web content (including drop down menus) to display on top of these objects. Until Adobe adds a means of displaying web content over embedded PDF files, the PDF or the web content (in your case, menu) will need to be repositioned. Or alternatively, you can have the PDF document open inside of a new window. Unfortuantely, there are no other options available due to the way Adobe renders PDF files inside of web pages.



      True?  If so .. why?  If there is a solution to this, please do share.