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    Deployment question - dynamic folder of unknown files during install




      I'm curious to see if this would be possible in flex.  It doesn't seem to be directly possible, so perhaps there's a workaround?


      The question:

      Can I have a folder of files next to an .exe (or .air) install that will place this folder into the install location?


      The background:


      I'm making a photo viewer app.  I want it to be able to work completely offline, in case they don't have an internet connection.  I want this to be able to be used both in Windows and Mac.  I figured an adobe air program would be a good way to do this.


      The photos are going to be dynamic.  I want to burn a cd with the .exe and a folder of images that are not available at the time of packaging.  Can I do this?  Do I have to make some kind of custom install exe to copy the files over after installing the program?



      I was thinking of a workaround.  I'd rather see if I could do the above- but this would be an alternative.  Let the program install normally.  When the program starts up it checks for a CD in the drive and copies the files to the program files before loading.  If the program can't find any images in the program file and the CD ROM is not in the computer, I would throw an error saying to put the CD in the drive.  This would work right?  I see the storagevolumeinfo class but it doesn't seem like there's a way to differentiate types of removable media; only that they are removable.  Am I wrong?