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    Time remapping and speed/duration do not preview in mercury playback engine

    Kazek Lokuciewski Level 1

      I have CS5.01 and am running the mercury playback engine using an Nvidia GTX285 with the latest firmware that came out today (19th July 2010).


      I have a few clips I am slowing down and the frame blending is not being previewed using the mercury engine (using both time remapping and speed/duration). The timeline bar is yellow (for realtime mercury engine) and therfore does not render a preview.


      Is this a bug?


      As a work around I switch to software mode I can render a preview (which includes the blended frames) and then go back to the mercury engine electing to keep the previews.


      Althougheven without a working, if I export the with the frame blending tab checked (they have added a default off tab for frame blending to the media endoder?) the blending does come through.