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      I finally found the right presets and everything to create my file in. (NTSC-AVCH-Full HD 1080i 5.1 channel.) Now, my next step is to export these video where I am currently using a test trial on the website Wistia.com. The video quality looks better than ever in p8, but when I upload it to wistia it looks pixalated and not very clean. Currently, the way I am sharing the video is by rendering, going to share, then personal computer, and I leave it at adobe flash video because it says use for posting on web pages. I don't really know what to change, so i leave everything what it is at, which is preset NTSC Flash video 7 400k. Any idea how I can fix this so I can see better qualtity when done exporting?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          As I regularly remind people on this forum, you can't upload hi-def video to a web site and expect anyone to be able to stream it. Even if you do try to load a hi-def MPEG to a site, most video streaming sites (YouTube, Facebook) will re-encode down to size that they can stream -- and this usually means a reduction in quality. In fact, the bigger the file you put up there (and you've put a huge one up there!) the more the site is going to crappify it.


          The FAQs to the right of this forum offer the best formual for posting something to YouTube. That may work for you.



          Though no matter what you put up there, it's not going to look as it does on your computer. That's just the nature of these sites.

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            LevinLevin44 Level 1

            Is there a way I can reduce the size of my file so it looks better. I have looked at multiple videos on Vimeo and Wistia, and the videos have great quality. These 2 sites can handle HD quality videos, and I am just curious how my videos can look like theirs?

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              You can not both reduce the file size and improve the quality. That's the nature of compression and file size.


              The specs I've given you will produce the best possible video for the web. You'll need to contact your host sites to find out if they have other recommendations.

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                LevinLevin44 Level 1

                So, I emailed wistia, telling them "We have a Sony Handycam, HDR-CX550V, that shoots in Full HD1080. We edit our videos in adobe premiere elements 8, where our project settings are set to NTSC, then AVCH, then Full HD 1080i 5.1 channel. The picture looks great while in premiere/during editing process. We then export as an adobe flash video file to our computer, where then we go to wistia and upload our videos. Recently, I have become concerned due to the fact that our videos seem to be very pixelated and blurry when we upload them up to the website. These are HD quality videos, do you know why these things are happening and if there is something on our behalf that we can do to fix it?"


                The response was that the problem is happening during my export stage. When I upload the video to wistia, the resolution is 320x240 (as opposed to 1920x1080 for Full HD) and the birate is 400 kbps (which is less than youtube quality.) Basically, my video is not being exported with the correct aspect ratio, where the video uploaded is 3:4, and the actual video is 16:9.


                They suggest that using adobe flash video is the problem. They feel I need to either edit the settings of it or use a different format (they feel exporting to MP4 using H.264 codec is a good choice.) For settings, they reccomend exporting with a resolution of 640x360 and a birate of 1500-2000 kbps. It would make the file smaller and also preserve most of the quality.


                So, my main question is how do I make this possible? There are only 3 options for exporting in P8 (flash video, Mpeg, AVI) and it seems like the mp4 is out of the question. Or, can i export my file as an adobe flash video and convert it into something else?


                Any help on how to export this way would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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                  nealeh Level 5

                  In Share> MPEG use the Presets drop down.




                  If further tweaking is required clicking 'Advanced' will open up a dialog for you to play with.




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                    LevinLevin44 Level 1

                    I am aware of the advanced section, however I still do not know what to change everything to. It goes back to my main question if someone could help me think of the appropriate settings.


                    For instance, I noticed that it offers H.264 1920x1080i, but I have no idea what that third number is. In addition, from the advanced window, no where does it lets be change the birate. It only talks about maximum and target. I was hoping to lower my resolution to 640x360 instead of keeping it at such a huge file.


                    However, thank you for putting me in a slightly better direction. I exported as the H.264 1920x1080i option, and for a 1:30 video it takes up to 50 minutes to upload to the website, where as before it took much less time.


                    All in all, anyway I can lower my resolution to 640x360 and have the other specifics stated above?

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                      LevinLevin44 Level 1

                      I think I found the best option to export. Under adobe flash video choose NTSC Flash Video 8 700k where it gives you the size of 640x260. Then in advance, i can change the bitrate to in between 1500-2000 kbps. Is this the right option?

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                        Hey Levin,

                        Thanks for posting this... i'm experiencing some of the same issues you are; my fades and transitions are turning out all pixilated.


                        I've exported my video based on your settings and it seemed to solve the problem. I made one small adjustment and exported at 2500kbs, it increased the file size, but the pixilation decreased significantly.

                        Here's what I used:

                        NTSC Flash 7 400k, 620x465, 2500kbs, multiplexing flv.


                        Hope it helps!


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                          nealeh Level 5

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                          Here is their description:


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