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    Adobe Reader 9.3.3 cannot open *.exe files


      After I update my adobe reader to 9.3.3, all *.exe and *.bat files cannot open through the linkage in my PDF file. It is work under adobe reader 9.3.2. How can I do in order to open those *.exe and *.bat files through the linkage in my PDF file? Is it a bug of adobe reader 9.3.3?

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          That was the intent of Adobe Reader update 9.3.3.  It is a band-aid fix to their major problem where malicious javascript in a PDF file can launch executables and damage a computer.


          It is a problem so large that some branches of the US Military have initiated network security measures that block PDF files with javascript outright.


          You can read more on the patch here:



          If you want to remove the feature you can delete or modify the registry value:

          Adobe has a registry value to control the launch attachment permissions, at

          HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\9.0\FeatureLockDown\cDefaultLaunchAttachmentPerms\tBuiltInPermList


          This value contains a list of extentions and the default action (i.e. 1 allow, 3 block). One workaround is to add |.exe”:3

          version:1|.ade:3|.adp:3|.app:3|.arc:3|.arj:3|.asp:3|.bas:3|.bat:3|.bz:3|.bz2:3|.cab:3|.chm :3|.class:3|.cmd:3|.com:3|.command:3|.cpl:3|.crt:3|.csh:3|.desktop:3|.dll:3|.exe:3|.fxp:3| .gz:3|.hex:3|.hlp:3|.hqx:3|.hta:3|.inf:3|.ini:3|.ins:3|.isp:3|.its:3|.job:3|.js:3|.jse:3|. ksh:3|.lnk:3|.lzh:3|.mad:3|.maf:3|.mag:3|.mam:3|.maq:3|.mar:3|.mas:3|.mat:3|.mau:3|.mav:3| .maw:3|.mda:3|.mdb:3|.mde:3|.mdt:3|.mdw:3|.mdz:3|.msc:3|.msi:3|.msp:3|.mst:3|.ocx:3|.ops:3 |.pcd:3|.pi:3|.pif:3|.prf:3|.prg:3|.pst:3|.rar:3|.reg:3|.scf:3|.scr:3|.sct:3|.sea:3|.shb:3 |.shs:3|.sit:3|.tar:3|.taz:3|.tgz:3|.tmp:3|.url:3|.vb:3|.vbe:3|.vbs:3|.vsmacros:3|.vss:3|. vst:3|.vsw:3|.webloc:3|.ws:3|.wsc:3|.wsf:3|.wsh:3|.z:3|.zip:3|.zlo:3|.zoo:3|.pdf:2|.fdf:2| .jar:3|.pkg:3|.tool:3|.term:3