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    Seemless stream switching




      i'd like to switch between different videos (via HTTP Streaming) in the same seemless and smooth way the bitrate-switching works.

      Can i do this in osmf? Does anybody know how ?



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          weizhangstrobe Level 2

          What kind of problem do you observe with the current http streaming MBR switching? Do you have a sample F4M to demonstrate the issue? Thanks!


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            Testili Level 1

            No problem. The http streaming MBR switching works fine! But i don't need different bitrates.


            I have for example a video of a ball jumping around in three different colors. Red, blue and one black ball. Now i want to change the color of the ball while the stream is playing. The three videos have the same length, same keyframes and the same bitrates.


            my first try was:


            f4fpackager --input-file=loop_red_ball.f4v --bitrate 100

            f4fpackager --input-file=loop_blue_ball.f4v --bitrate 200 --manifest-file=loop_red_ball.f4m

            f4fpackager --input-file=loop_black_ball.f4v --bitrate 300 --manifest-file=loop_blue_ball.f4m


            the values for "bitrate" are fake values! but it works.. i can switch manually between the three streams..


            But i don't think this a good way to do this, any suggestions ?


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              weizhangstrobe Level 2

              Your scheme is pretty the same as I can think of. An alternative might be that you play two streams simultaneously and place two video elements one on top of the other. Depending on the situation, you can decide which one is on top and blocks the view of the other(s). The potential downside is that it may have playback performance issues.



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                Testili Level 1

                The two stream simultaneously solution could work with two or three stream... but not with three, ten or more colors.

                I could try to write my own player with the whole manifest, bootstrap parsing and netstream handling. But i want to avoid that


                I found something in the osmf documentation: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/OSMF/1.0/Dev/WSc6f922f643dd2e6d4770fe491265bf34074-7ffe.html



                -     Seamless Video Switching.
                      ProxyElement which wraps up two VideoElements, and switches from one to the other without rebuffering


                But that sounds like your alternative, right?