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    Playback is SLOW only when "playing" preview?

    Howard H.Y.Y.


      I have a strange problem with my PP CS5 performance.

      When I'm editing no matter what quality of videos,

      it just play SLOWLY in preview window.

      It only shows the first frame and hang then another frame few seconds later.

      The audio plays correctly but the video doesn't.


      However, When I drag on the timeline,

      the preview window responses immediately.

      It's smooth when not pressing "play" button to preview.


      I've applied the hack of MERCURY,

      I've monitored with GPU-Z when I'm draging on the timeline.

      The GPU Load increases to 11% and I believe it works on my GTX 470.

      But when playing the GPU Load remains 0% - 1%.


      I've tried re-installing PP but it performed the same.


      Does anyone know what might make such problem?


      My system spec:

      CPU: Core i7 920 OC 3.2GHz

      RAM: 3* 2GB DDR 1333

      OS: Windows 7 Professional x64

      HDD: 2*640GB RAID0

      VGA: Geforce GTX 470 1280MB (with latest driver 258.96)


      Very appreciate for responses