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    RH8 error:  Can't import word document or PDf

    Julie Trones

      I just upgraded from RH7 to RH8.  I am running Win7 64bit.   I also opened RH HTML, which is what I used in RH7.  I have a relative small project and I am trying to import a new word document into the current project.  I am now trying to upload a word document.  When I first open the current project, RH8 asked me to convert to new format and I clicked yes.  Here are my steps to upload a word document: 

      • click on file
      • Click on Import Word Doc (I've tried Microsoft Word 2010, Microsoft Word 2007, Adobe PDF 9)
      • The Content Setting popup comes up; I've clicked Next.
      • Then clicked Finished.
      • Then an error comes with Word:



      • If I do a pdf:  I get this error:


      Thank you for any help you can give.