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    Properties Inspector issue


      I've come a very long way from CS5. Before I upgraded to this version of DW I was using version 6!! So as you can imagine quite a lot has changed... not that much though considering. (CS5 does look amazing so far though)


      The one thing I'm baffled by is how to add a background image into a table. I will start by pasting the info I get from the DW help feature:


      "To add a background image to a table, table column, or table cell:


      1    In the Document window, select the table element to which you want to add a background image.
      2    In the Property inspector's BG field, select the folder icon, then navigate to the image you want to use as the background image."


      Where has the folder icon gone? I don't see one AT ALL. I've also noticed that the font & font size feature isn't in the property inspector either. If someone could clarify this for me it would be greatly appreciated. If someone can step by step guide me through how to add a background image into a table that would be great too! (No coding alternatives please, I know the code for it but would rather do it by clicking & selecting etc)